Coronavirus Situation

Due to the Corona virus situation and global pandemic we have the regret to closed temporarily our shop in Playa Del Carmen.

Our team will wait for you in mexico, all together we will enjoy this time out the water to prepare the next months, and be ready for an amazing reopening !

We are working on some exciting new projects : events, trip, workshop…

We will post some good photo & good video of Freediving during this time at home, so don´t forget to check our instagram & facebook !

The Mexican government and state of Quintana Roo in particular is \ndoing a good job. Controlled measures are being made for keeping people inside. Social distancing and general hygiene has been promoted for weeks now\n\nwe hope to see you soon for more freedive !

Be safe & stay at home !

Ocean 2

Project Refill & Pranamaya Freediving

🌎🐋 Project Refill & Pranamaya Freediving 🌎🐋
We are part of this beautiful project ! No MORE plastic ! When you want water, don´t buy a plastic bottle but search on your APP TAP – Find Water Anywhere and you will find all the places where you can refill your bottle !
🌎 We use over a million plastic bottles a day in the world! This must stop.
🌎 Work with the local community and business owners to reduce our use of plastic water bottles. We can return to using reusable water bottles and say goodbye to single use plastic.
🌎 Local businesses offer refill stations with purified water as another way for people to purchase water.
🌎 We need to care of our planet, of our oceans, of the animals, of our world
We are waiting for you in Pranamaya Freediving – OPEN 7/7 Days – 8.30 to 6.00 PM !

Diatomée – Alex, Marianne, Arthur

Diatomée est un grand voilier associatif mené par deux sublimes personnes Alex Voyer et Marianne Aventurier !  Ils voyagent à bord du Diatomée, des pôles aux tropiques avec pour but : sensibiliser à l’environnement marin à travers les regards croisés de scientifiques, enfants, athlètes et artistes qui viendront au fur et à mesure de ses expéditions.

Leur idée est d’ inviter des personnalités ayant un attachement particulier à l’eau, de créer un collectif pour élaborer des projets riches en défis, apprentissages et créations artistiques.

Nous vous invitons à suivre les aventures de Alex et Marianne sur leur blog « La Route Salée »

Alex et Marianne ont ainsi invité Arthur Guérin, quintuple champion du monde d’apnée,  pour partir explorer les beautés mexicaine. Ils ont mis pied à terre pour rendre visite à l´équipe Pranamaya et Julien a été leur guide sur ces quelques jours afin de découvrir au mieux la région.

Voici une petite vidéo : ICI

Et quelques Photos de ces quelques jours :

Our last collaboration !

👏 Last collaboration – Production for Bayer, it was an honor to work on this project with Sofía Gómez Uribe. 💙

Pranamaya Freediving was in charge of the local organisation of this production.
But also , Julien Borde was chief of Safety for all the shooting in the Cenotes. Thanks for the good safety team :
Oceanic Vibes Gio Mantis Julien Borde

Thanks also to Daan Verhoeven for the picture 🙂

Look at this beautiful realisation : HERE


Bye bye 2019, hello 2020 !!

2019 was a great year for Pranamaya. We certified dozens of students and opened them the door to the underwater world, we took LOTS of certified freedivers to discover the beauty of our cenotes, we organized freediving trips, we saw plenty of sea animals, we participated in tv shootings, in photoshootings, we also had a great competition !!

We did do many things that we actually want to give you a little feedback of our best 2019 moments.

January was the month of the Bullsharks, diving with them is one of the coolest freediving experience you can get. Dive to 25m depth and meet those majestic animals is priceless.Sharks_Morgan_Bourchis-05332

– Every february, we organize many expeditions to the Sailfishs with great success ! It is Julien’s passion to see these magnificent animals and we become better at it year after year so don’t miss that opportunity !WhatsApp Image 2020-01-14 at 20.41.15

-In march we were on this great music video shooting for Danny Ocean and his song « Swing« . We were local fixers, actors and in charge of underwater safety during the shooting !

June was a month of exploration as Julien had the opportunity to go to the famous Socorro Islands and freedive there ! It resulted in an amazing video we can watch over and over !

-In july-august our co-worker Roberto Guzman participated in Xibalaba, a freediving competition taking place in a very cool cenote. Not only he got the 1st place on the overall but he also went for a mexican national record in CNF with 70m !!

September was a great mounth as we organized the 3rd edition of our freediving competition ! It took place in the incredible cenote Azul of Bacalar. This intermediary level competition attracted many freedivers who had a blast ! We can say this is probably THE BEST HIGHLIGHT of 2019, it was lot of fun, everybody enjoyed the event, both staff and atheletes ! Check our video !!

-In October, we had this BIG documentary project for a famous french tv channel. The shooting took around 2 weeks and we were local fixers and helped the team to film cenotes, talk with local people and different scientists. The documentary should see the light in the next mounths 😉

November was the mounth of sealions, whales, marlins, sharks and many others as we led freedivers in the best spots of Baja California !! This was the 3rd edition of our Baja California Freediving trip and is also one of the BEST HIGHLIGHT of 2019 !! If you like marine animals, do not hesitate a second as this trip WILL BLOW YOUR MIND ! we are repeating it in 2020, you can already book your spot 😉

As you can see, it was a pretty full year and we hope 2020 will be as successful as 2019. We will soon announce 2020 expeditions, trips and courses so you guys have a great freediving year with us !

Happy new year and we hope to see you soon 😉


Amazing Cenote .. THANKS Earth!

The Yucatan have a lot of wonder to share, one of them are the world famous “cenotes” .
To understand what is a cenote we first need to know that in the all peninsula there is no river. So for long time we wonder how such a dense jungle could grow so green and why such a great civilization as the Maya could survive without direct access to fresh water.

It is simply because the river are hidden underground, and the famous cenotes are basically a window to one of those underground river. Any access to that water are dreamed places for cavern diving but also for freediving. There all have different shapes, formation and interest.

Pranamaya ” is freediving in those underground rivers, to observe the great visibility, the stalactites and stalagmites, the halocline (connection between fresh and salt water), the fossils, and some Mayan potteries… Exploring those cenote is a unique type of diving which matches the desires from beginner diver to very advanced divers including any divers who loves photography, and of course freedivers.

So, do not miss the opportunity of such a great experience!

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